2 Months

Just look at that face… Isn’t she just the cutest? I might be a little biased. I am surprised this photo came out so well, considering I snapped it with my phone. Of course, it was one of several photos I snapped. Her expressions change so fast you have take multiple photos in order to get a good picture.

Lately she has been smiling and vocalizing a lot, which is fun. Of course it is hard to get photos of her smiling though. Every time you hold the phone/camera up to take a picture or video of her being all smiley and coo-y she immediately stops and stares, transfixed, at the phone/camera. I have managed to capture a few smiles here and there though.

Anna is also starting to use her hands, although her motor control is so poor I am never really sure what she is trying to do. It usually ends up as jerky swatting movements, and she will often grab hold of whatever her hand happens to land on whether it is a shirt, my face, her ears, etc. It is amazing how quickly she changes from week to week, and it is always fun to watch her development.

Although, along with the fun milestones also comes the not-so-fun doctor visits. Thursday she had her two-month checkup, which meant she got her first shots. Okay, technically her first shots were in the hospital, but those don’t really count since she didn’t seem phased by shots then. Anna got several vaccines in the form of one oral medicine and three shots. She did great with the oral because she was getting hungry, she sucked it right down without spilling a drop. She also did pretty good with the shots, but of course she cried with each one. The crying passed quickly though, and she seems fine for a while afterwards. Then the crankiness hit. Unfortunately I was out clothes shopping at the time, and she had a major melt down. Major. She has never had a full blown melt down like that before, but thankfully I was in a dressing room at the time and I was able to hide and hope no one was around. Eventually I got her calmed down, although it took nursing, a swaddle, a pacifier, rocking, and a lot of patience to get there.

As soon as she was asleep I headed for the checkout counter and called Sean to tell him we needed him to pick up baby tylenol. Luckily the timing was right so that he was getting home about the same time I was. After a dose of tylenol and a nap on her daddy she seemed to feel a lot better. I learned my lesson about shots though. Be sure to have tylenol on hand, and go home immediately afterwards!

Here are some pictures of Anna’s bandaids. Her poor little legs were bleeding after the shots, so she ended up with a bandied for each injection. There was Snoopy, My Little Pony, and Tweety Bird.



In other news, she weighed in at 10 pounds 10 ounces. That was the part of the visit I was looking forward to. I knew she was getting heavy, and I was very curious to see what her weight was. Since we are around her all the time we have a hard time judging how much she has grown. We just know that sometimes she seems to level up over night.