18 Weeks

Well, I am less than 30 minutes away from the start of week 18. One more week closer to the half-way point! I am feeling better most days, but still have lapses of exhaustion, nausea, and vomiting. Well, the exhaustion is pretty constant. I do have a little more energy these days, but it is like the sort of second-wind energy you get when you have had way too little sleep, but still have to function and be productive.

For instance, Saturday I didn’t feel up to going to my cousins third birthday party. I feel kinda guilty about it because I wanted to go and see the family. That day I got up at a reasonable time without feeling too awful, even made it to a 10:15 hair cut (although 10 minutes late). Then Sean and I went down to Five Points because I wanted to check out this baby stuff consignment store called Babiology. By that time I was in that “I have to eat or I am going to throw up” mode, and we stopped at Hayes Barton for lunch. Food made me feel pretty good, almost normal! The burgers there are awesome by the way, I might have to go back for another.

After lunch we walked a few doors down to that consignment store. It didn’t take long to decide it was lame ($30 for used baby shoes??) and moved on. We might use them to get rid of stuff one day, but no way I am shopping there. I can get new stuff for less. I was still feeling pretty good at that point and we did a quick walkthrough of Nofo at the Pig (it was on the way back to the car) because we had never been in. Turns out they have some cute baby stuff, I might have to go back there one day to try out their cafe and do some shopping. From there it was a trip to BJ’s to buy the largest package of Zantac (my new best friend) that I could find and a few other needed things. And that was pretty much it for me. I was wiped out… and instead of heading to Greenville I headed home for a nap. But, on the up side, several weeks ago I wasn’t even making it out of the house on the weekends.

Sunday I didn’t make it out of the house. I still managed to be productive though, despite getting sick in the middle of the day. We finished clearing the guest/baby room, and Sean was awesome enough to run out and get paint by himself. I did the majority of the masking (so I was useful) and Sean did all the painting because he was playing with his new paint sprayer, and there was no need for me to pitch in on that. Plus all the paint in the air was bothering me. We still need to do another coat, and get the top (didn’t want overspray to hit the ceiling) of the walls. That will probably just be done with rollers, so I can help with that. Then only the trim stands in the way of furniture assembly. That is the part I am looking forward to, I love putting stuff together! And I am so ready to see the room start to take shape.

What to Expect – Week 18