17 Weeks

Today is the beginning of week 17. One more week down. Thinking of it in weeks really does make things go faster. At first I just concentrated on making it to the second trimester. Now I am working my way towards the halfway point of 20 weeks, and I am almost there!

Thursday night I started taking the Zantac recommended by the doctor. It has helped a lot already, and the doctor had said not to expect the full affects until probably today. So hopefully that means from here on out things will be a lot better as far as acid reflux and morning sickness. With the acid decreased (meaning not continually nauseous) I noticed something else that may help me stay on top of feeling sick. It seems I need to eat every three hours. I had been told not to go more than four hours without eating, but now I am really beginning to understand that. All weekend I noticed that once I hit about 3.5 hours without eating the nausea was back and I quickly began to feel awful.

This weekend was a busy one. I haven’t been this active in months due to feeling like crap all the time. Since I was already feeling a little better with the Zantac, I decided to suck it up and brave a trip to Concord for Sean’s cousin’s first birthday. And since I really didn’t feel like making multiple trips, we went to Ikea for furniture while we were out there. I tried to eat on the three hour schedule, which seemed to help a lot. I still felt really wiped out by all the walking at Ikea, and by the time we got home I was completely exhausted. I was still feeling drained the next day, but I managed to help Sean clear out things in the guest/baby room. Wendell was nice enough to come over and help with the carrying of things to the storage unit, which I am grateful for… I am not supposed to carry heavy things, so we couldn’t have done it without help.

So, after a very productive weekend, we are on our way to having the baby room done. We still have some small stuff to pack up and take to the storage unit, and we have to figure out how the heck to get the 350lb elliptical moved. Then it is painting and furniture assembly!