15 Weeks

Today is the beginning of week 15, although the baby has measured nearly a week smaller the past two ultrasounds so maybe I am really less than 15. But according to date calculations I should be 15, so maybe the kid is just short. They say it is okay as long as they measure within a week though, so nothing to worry about.

People constantly ask how I am doing, so the update there is that I still feel like poo most of the time. I want to say I feel a little better, but I am not sure if that is true or if I have just gotten use to feeling this way. At the moment my throat burns from the constant acid reflux, I have a headache, and I could fall asleep this very minute. Yesterday and today I have been even more tired than usual, not sure what is up with that. I thought the exhaustion was supposed to ease up in the second trimester! Sean says maybe the baby is having a growth spurt. All I know is that it was incredibly hard to open my eyes this morning, and all I want to do right now is take a nap.

I did make it out to Lowes last night to get a ceiling fan for the baby’s room though (current one is noisy). That feels like a huge accomplishment these days, leaving the house after working all day. I am glad to have the fan, and eager to get it installed… then we can see what the light will be like in there and choose paint! It will probably be this weekend though, since we have to do it while the sun is still up.

The next baby related appointments are next week on the 13th and 14th. On the 13th we will swing by the ultrasound place for a gender confirmation, and then there is an OB appointment on the 14th. There is no ultrasound with that appointment, just tests and a check up. The first trimester tests (NT Scan and Cystic Fibrosis) looked good, hopefully this next round will as well.