12 weeks

Well, today marks the beginning of week 12. I would like to say the morning sickness is on the way out, but it doesn’t seem like it is. And apparently now I get to add light headiness/dizziness to the list of pregnancy symptoms. Yay.

Saturday I woke up feeling pretty good and decided I would try to live without Zofran. I had some acid issues, and after lunch threw up a bit, but nothing major. I didn’t feel too nauseous and was doing mostly well. I had promised Sean I would try to leave the house, so while he was out at an Animazement meeting I pulled myself together to get showered and presentable. But then I was hit by fatigue and general uckiness. I laid my head down just for a minute, and I guess I fell asleep because next thing I knew it was nearly 6pm and my stomach was empty… and I got sick again. Sean made me take my medicine and I didn’t argue. He was nice and went out to grab some groceries to cook dinner for me, rather than holding me to my promise of trying to be human over the weekend. We did salmon and rice again, that is one of my favorite things to eat now I think… but the stupid FDA says I shouldn’t have more than 12 ounces of fish a week so I can’t have it too often.

Sunday I actually made it out of the house, even though I wasn’t really thrilled about it. I had promised though, so I sucked it up. Sean has been great and patient, and I feel like I have been a terrible wife. It is the least I could do.

We did some quick shopping errands. After I had been out walking around for about an hour or so I felt drained and kinda light headed, like I needed to sit down, and the nausea kicked in again. I guess my stomach was empty once again. I once again sucked it up and went to Hayashi, although there might have been a little whining. I felt amazingly better after eating though, I was shocked at how much udon I was able to eat. Sean helped some, but there were no noodles left at all, and I had eaten 4 inari on top of that. When I felt like I was unable to eat another bite, the owner gave us a congratulatory dessert of flan with whipped cream and a few slices of banana and apple. So then we had to eat that as well. I felt like I would pop.

This morning I was sick again though. Sean was sweet enough to bring me some toast, but it only took a few minutes for it to all come back up. Thing was, I didn’t really feel all that nauseous though. Then Sean was extra sweet and he made me some grits while I took a shower. That I managed to keep down, but I still feel kinda crappy today. But then, I feel crappy every day.

Looking forward to Thursday though, and slightly nervous… ultrasound! This is the screening to look for risk of chromosomal defects, plus it is the first time we will see something more than a fluttery blob. Sometimes the baby is even moving around and stuff, which would be cool to see.