A Long, Long Over Due Update

For a ton of other Anna photos, check this link.

Wow, I haven’t posted anything since February! Obviously, a lot has happened since then. Anna is almost two now, and is definitely starting to show it. Over all she is an excellent kid, but she definitely has some “terrible two” moments. Anna is a very independent kid that loves to explore and do new things, so she definitely doesn’t like it when we tell her not to do something!

Lately she is becoming more like a child than a baby. It is exciting to see her grow and learn, but at times I miss the little baby that she was not that long ago. Other times I am very glad that she is becoming a bit more independent! It is pretty cool that she is starting to “help” with things like cleaning and carrying stuff, even though sometimes her help creates more work or undoes the work we just did.

Anna’s vocabulary is growing all the time, with new words every day. There are days that she springs new words on me that I didn’t even know she had figured out, even though sometimes they aren’t always recognizable at first.  When we read stories she often won’t let you turn the page because she wants to point to everything and have you tell her the words; I get the feeling she is absorbing them and one day will suddenly reverse the role and start telling me what everything is all at once. She has also started to figure out that she can use these new powers of speech to communicate her wants.

It started with her doing things like pointing at the closet door and saying “shoes, shoes, shoes” and nodding “yes.” Then she learned the word “please” and her world changed. It didn’t take long for her to figure out that she could string “please” together with something like “help” or “banana” (a-nan-na in Anna speak) and we would give her what she wanted.

This has progressed to her being able to make simple decisions for herself, like requesting which books we read at bed time. At first I would just pick two books she knew the names for and would ask, “Do you want to read Pout Pout or Train?” meaning ‘The Pout Pout Fish’ or ‘The Little Engine That Could’ (her two favorites right now). Anna would respond with “pout pout” or “train” and then we would of course read the one she chose. Now I don’t even have to give her the choice, I just ask what she wants to read and she tells me. If she is silent, it is because she doesn’t know the word for the one she wants. Since she is pretty predictable with her bedtime story requests though, I will then hold a couple up for her and she will point and let me tell her the name of the book so that she can try to repeat it.

We have also recently started swimming lessons, which she seems to really be enjoying. At this stage the lessons are more for us than her, teaching the proper way to hold her in the water in order to teach her to swim. The focus is getting her use to being in the pool, reaching and kicking, knowing how to climb out, floating with a life vest, and things of that nature. So far she hasn’t had any meltdowns and has done really well with the class, even when the teacher uses her to demonstrate something.

Another recent big development for Anna has been a transition to a toddler bed. This is not something I was ready for! I had thought this would be months away, and would be something we would have a little time to prepare for, but Anna had other ideas.

The first time she escaped her crib it was a funny surprise, one minute I could see her in her crib on the monitor’s screen and the next she was just gone. Somehow she had climbed out as quiet as a ninja, and was running gleefully around her bed room. We crossed our fingers hoping it would be a fluke. But then, last week, I woke up to the usual sounds of Anna playing in her crib. Soon, that was replaced by a loud thud followed by screaming. I immediately knew she had fallen out of the crib and didn’t even check the monitor before going to her room. Anna met me at the door, still bawling. Once I had her quieted down and made sure she wasn’t hurt, I told Sean what had happened (he was in the shower when she fell) and we decided it was time to convert the crib.

That night (Wednesday) we went on a hunt for a crib rail and did a hurried toddler proofing of her room, then put her to bed expecting a rough night. It was 11:30 before she finally fell asleep, after tucking her in bed many times it finally ended with me going in one last time and rocking her until she was nearly asleep. Then I put her in bed, and rubbed her back until she finally passed out.

Naps were similar affairs for the next couple days according to mom (she nannies for us), but from the second night on we had no problems with bedtime. Thursday night Anna whined at the door for a few minutes, then climbed in bed on her own and passed out. Other than that, she has just laid in bed and fallen asleep without incident. Over the weekend Sean tired her out so thoroughly both mornings that she fell asleep in no time for her naps. The only blip we have had since then was one night she woke up and cried at the door for a few minutes before putting herself back to bed. It has been a surprisingly easy transition! Maybe that was just because I was fully expecting it to take a week or more of bedtime fights.

That about covers all the news with Anna I think. Right now we are trying to decide what to do for her birthday party! Time really does fly, I can’t believe she will be two years old next month.

(and if you are interested in my sewing, remember I now have Hoops & Thimbles for that. One of these days I will get around to removing the old sewing content here… maybe.)

First Snow!

IMG_0880 Anna got to experience snow for the first time yesterday, you can watch a video below. She absolutely loved it! I was a little surprised that Anna immediately tried to catch the snow on her tongue. Maybe her grandma taught her that while we were at work, she did say she let Anna put her toes in the snow earlier that day.

We didn’t let her stay out too long, only about ten minutes or so, since we were in the middle of cooking dinner when the snow started to really come down, plus we didn’t want her to freeze. When we brought Anna inside she cried and made it clear that she was not ready to leave the snow. That kid loves the outdoors, apparently it doesn’t matter what the weather is like.

I know I haven’t posted much lately, sorry about that. Recently Anna has been saying more and more “words.”  It is fun to watch her learn, and it is definitely entertaining to see how excited she gets when she knows the word for something. Nearly all of her words are just the beginning sound of the word though, and most start with a ‘b.’ Anna’s vocabulary now consists of box, bear, ball, hat, bag, flower, monkey, butterfly, and shoes. Although, the only word she says completely is still “shoes.” The rest are all more like bah, beaah, baah, ha, flah, mah, and fa-lie (as in fly, for butterfly). It is really hard to translate her sounds into text. She also says “baah” for balloon, but she probably just thinks they are balls so I won’t count that.

You have to listen carefully, but you can hear the difference in her words even though they are all very very similar at this point. Every time she sees one of these items, she is very quick to point it out and say the word repeatedly with the biggest grin on her face. Sometimes we could swear she also says mama, dada, banana, and bye bye… although these are too infrequent to be sure. Anna has also begun pointing at things, wanting you to tell her what they are. It won’t be long before she adds more words to her list!




Wearing a hat and mittens she got for Christmas from her Great Aunt Donna.


Anna is officially talking now. Up until recently she has said plenty of things that we think are words, just her own version of them. However, now she has started saying “shoes” and we know it really means shoes when she says it because she will be playing with shoes, or putting shoes on, or you can say “what is this?” while pointing to a shoe. You can also ask her to get her shoes and she will bring some shoes to you, wether or not they are hers. Anna’s little voice is so cute, and it comes out more like “shooshs” than “shoes.” Her voice is also different when she says “shoes” compared to her usual constant babble. Anna “talks” all day long in a loud voice that leads to us often having to tell her to be quiet when we are out in public, but when she says “shoes” her voice is soft and sometimes is kind of hard to hear. I still don’t know if we should call this her first word though, since she has been saying “Hey” or “Hi” for a while now… we could just never be certain she knew what it meant.

There isn’t much else new on the Anna front, aside from a couple more teeth coming in. That, and she is getting bigger every day. Since we haven’t been to the doctor in a while, I don’t have a current weight on her; I wonder how hard it would be to get her to stand on the bathroom scale long enough to get a reading. At her last weigh-in she was 22.something pounds, but that was a little over a month ago now. Lately I have noticed things fitting a bit differently, and just yesterday I noted her head is now level with the top of the kitchen table when she could walk beneath it without so much as ducking her head not that long ago.

Now on to the sewing update.

I am still trying to decide if I want to split the sewing stuff into a separate blog. I think will try it and see how it goes, but that means having to choose a domain name. The current forerunner is either bedtimequilter.com or hoopsandthimbles.com… I think. I haven’t found any names yet that really click.

My weekend of sewing went about like predicted. I ended up staying up way late Friday night trying to finish my Under the Veranda tote bag, and still didn’t finish it. I made good progress on it, but had to go to bed when Sean started fussing at me. Something about it being 3am? At that point I had the bag exterior and the lining with pockets completed, so all I had left to do was the actual assembly of the bag, and the straps still needed to be made.

Saturday morning I was able to get the bag sans straps done before the 10:00am meeting. So, I packed my strap-less bag with my things for the meeting and headed out feeling somewhat inadequate about not having my bonus project completed on time. I need not have worried though. As it turned out, only one person had actually completed their bag and the next closest had only pieced the exterior. I didn’t feel so bad after hearing everyone else echoing the same reasons as I had for not having a completed bag to show. Most of them had been sick and/or burnt out from all the Christmas sewing, just like me.

The bag came out surprisingly well though, despite its current incomplete state. When I was quilting it I thought I had chosen a design that was too dense, and spent the whole time wishing I had gone a different route. Now that it is completed though, I think it actually looks pretty good. I am also happy with the colors I chose for it, and Sean remarked that it looked as good as any professionally made bag. I didn’t point out the definitely less-than-professional things I can so plainly see when I look at it!

It is very roomy, and will be great for hauling toys on the days Anna goes to stay with her Nana or for hauling stuff to sewing classes. Pictures will be posted once I actually finish the straps!

The next block for the Under the Veranda will feature appliqué, and the bonus project for the month is a set of placemats. I didn’t purchase any fabric for the placemats while I was at Wish; I just wasn’t feeling much like spending the time or money to pick out fabric for them. I had already spent enough time picking out threads for my appliqué and helping others do the same that I was just ready to go have lunch and a nap!

Isn’t it handy that I have an appliqué class this weekend? While it is tempting to start on my blocks now and just blanket stitch everything down with raw edges like the teacher had in her examples, I think I will wait and see what I learn in the appliqué class first.

I didn’t have time to work on the Project Quilting wall hanging at all. That has me kind of bummed, I hate missing deadlines. Saturday night I was so exhausted I went to bed early, and was too busy Sunday morning to work on it. So the deadline came and went without my doing more than cutting the fabric for it. I may still make it though. The quilting of it will be good practice for me, and I could use some things to hang on the walls of my sewing room.

Happy New Year!!



This is a bit belated, but, Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (or Hanukkah). Our Christmas was great, despite Anna having a cold and sharing with us. I spent the last half of my vacation miserably sick after the cold turned into what was probably bronchitis, which I am still getting over, and Anna still has a lingering cough as well. It seems like every time we go some place new with her we all end up sick. This time the culprit had to be the wooden train set in the Brier Creek Barnes & Noble’s kids section. This is the second month in a row we have all been sick. Maybe I should just keep her locked in the house until cold & flu season is over!

The best part of Christmas this year was of course watching Anna open her gifts and play with all her new toys and books. She did pretty well opening the gifts with only a little help from us, but as expected, the gift wrapping was just as fun as the actual gifts. Sometimes she wanted to play with the wrappings more than the gift, and other times she was too busy playing with her last gift to pay attention to the next gift that needed to be opened. Next year should be even more fun!

Now for the sewing update… so most of you can stop reading now :) I am considering splitting sewing stuff into a separate blog, since I think most people just read this for Anna updates. Domain name suggestions are welcome. The only thing I have come up with that isn’t already taken is robynsews.com and that is kind of lame. Or maybe nightlyquilter.com?

I have been taking a little break from sewing lately. After all the sewing I was doing before Christmas, and then all the Christmas presents I made, I was a little burnt out. Also being miserably sick twice in less than two months took a toll on my energy level. When I say “miserably” I am not being dramatic… I swear I haven’t been that sick in years, let alone twice so closely together. For Christmas I made coasters for my family and for everyone in Sean’s office. They weren’t really hard to do, I think I spent more time trying to decide what to make than I actually did making them. Hopefully people like them, or at least liked the cocoa, mug, and chocolates that were packaged with them. I put up some photos of the ones I made for my family, or at least most of them. The ones for Sean’s office were all the same and just had a company name embroidered on them, as requested. I think I made 20 or so coasters in total.

There are so so many projects I need to be working on right now, two of which I need to complete by the weekend. Considering it is already Wednesday, I am not sure that is going to happen. One of the two is the Under the Veranda bonus project that has been hanging around since early November, but I haven’t had time to complete it yet. Right now the fabric block for the bag’s exterior has been pieced together and is half-quilted. If I can just finish quilting it, the bag itself shouldn’t take long to complete. Of course, the trouble is that I have very limited time to work on it during the week. The next Veranda Club meeting is Saturday at 10:00am, which means I will probably be up late Friday if I have any chance of completing it before the meeting!

The second project I need to get done has a deadline of noon Sunday. There is a blog I follow that is having a sewing challenge over the next few weeks called Project Quilt. It was apparently inspired somewhat by Project Runway, but I have never watched that show so I can’t really say. Anyway, each week they announce the theme and criteria for the challenge, and you have one week to complete it and post a picture. The contestants are entered in a drawing for prizes each week, and a grand prize at the end if they do all of the challenges. I thought it sounded fun, but I don’t know if I really have the bandwidth to keep up with it.

The first week’s theme of inspiration was simply “Trees.” The project doesn’t have to be a traditional quilt, and it doesn’t have to actually include a tree. I poured over the internets looking for inspiration, and finally decided what I was going to do… and then spotted a cute fabric panel with a tree at My Sewing Shoppe and just bought that instead. It shouldn’t take any time at all to stitch that up, I will just put a border on the panel, then quilt and bind it for a wall hanging. I would like to have it completed in time to take as my other “show and tell” at the Veranda meeting, but I have a feeling I will be throwing it together Saturday night and submitting it just in time for the noon Sunday deadline.

The other projects on my ‘to do’ list are piling up as well. Cary Quilting Company is having a promotion in order to inspire people to get their UFO’s (unfinished objects) completed, and of course boost their sales by offering 10% off anything you buy to complete the projects. I have five quilts in various stages of completion that I submitted… hopefully it will be good motivation to get at least a couple of them completed! You get points for completing different steps in the process of making a quilt, and they will be tallying up the points on April first. I highly doubt I will get all five done, especially since two of them are quite large.

In addition to the aforementioned projects, I also have a new block of the month starting this month! If I remember correctly, the kit should be ready for me to pick up in about a week. It is only one block per month, so it won’t be too demanding. However, I have chosen to do the appliquéd version of the quilt sashing; needle-turn appliqué is a new thing for me, so I have signed up for a class on it that will be held January 17. I also have a class on quilt binding coming up this month, unless I choose to wait for the next one since this month is filling up for me. And at the end of the month I will have the second part of my long arm class, where I actually get to practice on the long arm machine. So, this is going to be a busy month for me! Actually, it is going to be a busy three months for me if I am going to get all of those UFOs completed in time for the UFO club deadline.

Despite all of that, I still want to start new projects! I have a problem. I know. I just keep seeing quilt patterns and saying, “ooo!” and then I find myself looking at fabric before I have to reel myself back in by thinking of the massive pile of work I already have hanging over my head.

I even have a few quilts with all the material ready and waiting for me, as well as several hand sewing projects, and like a million other patterns and ideas… yet I still find myself drawn to new things! For instance, just the other night I saw an adorable little stroller quilt pattern (it has ties to attach to the stroller) and I found myself ordering a couple charm packs thinking I could make two of them – one for Anna and one for Etsy. Bad, self. Bad! At least that one will be super fast to throw together, and I think it will be one of those nice little projects that I can give myself a motivation boost with by actually having another “finish” once the little quilt is completed.

My New Year’s resolution? Don’t buy any more projects until I have completed at least three of the ones I already have! I know I already broke that once this year, but I only made the resolution just now… so, starting now… I am not allowed to purchase anything for a new project (with the exception of Project Quilt) until I get at least three quilts completed. Three. I can do that. Right?

Vacation! Woo!

Today was the first day of vacation for me. Yay! Too bad Sean is working this week, but at least it should give me some time to work on sewing stuff. I plan on spending all my time hanging out with my little family, sewing, shopping, and doing all the usual holiday stuff.

At the moment my embroidery machine is stitching away, quilting what will become the Under the Veranda tote bag bonus project. I have so much Christmas stuff to make that I should leave this until after the holidays, but I want to use the leftover batting in some of the Christmas presents. Of course I can’t post about the Christmas presents yet, but they aren’t that exciting anyway.

My first day of vacation started out with an email letting me know I had won an internet give away for ten fat eighths of fabric, which was pretty cool. No clue what I will do with them, especially since that cut (9×22″) is a little difficult to use. Always good to add to the stash though! Then it was a morning of mommy-daughter time since the nanny/grandma had a doctors appointment. Once I was relieved of baby duty I wandered around the internets for a while looking at quilting designs before taking a little nap, and awoke to another nice email telling me I sold my first item on Etsy; someone bought “Be Still” for their daughter’s room. Not that I made any money from it, but at least it helps cover material costs. After that I ran out to do a little shopping. Not a bad day! Tomorrow will be much the same I think. Spend the morning with Anna until mom gets here, probably spend some more time with her after that, then sewing, ship a package, and shopping. That about sums it up!

Now for the Anna report. Not much has changed since my last post really, she is just trying more and more to talk. Still no real words, although I think she is starting to get that the “hey” she has been saying for months actually means something. That, or it is just because she says it all the time and we are reading too much into it when it actually aligns with an appropriate situation. For instance, Anna has been waving for a while now, but just in the past week or so it has really clicked that it means something. She has started waving at random people when we go out and saying “Hey” while she waves. At home when we see the cat or one of the dogs we will say “Hey, kitty cat” or “Hey, Eddie” while waving at them. She seems to be trying to imitate the “Eddie” and “kitty cat,” sometimes it almost really sounds like “Hey, cat” or “Hey, tit-tat” or “Hey, eh-ty.” In the past week she has also started picking things up to her ear like a phone and saying, “hey”… which she must get from watching her grandmothers because Sean and I rarely talk on the phone.

The most recent word that she seems to be trying to say though is “sit” since we are constantly telling her to sit down when she tries to stand on things she shouldn’t. Although it really sounds more like “shit” which is pretty hilarious when she is repeating over and over what sounds like “oh shit.” We of course have to be careful not to reinforce the “shit” by laughing, but it is really hard when you hear this little cherub voice saying it.


Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Boo Boos

We had an excellent Thanksgiving this year, and I had a bountiful Black Friday. Poor Sean had to work part of the week, but I was fortunate enough to be able to take the whole week off. I got to spend time with Anna and even found time to sew, although I felt guilty about sewing when I could have been spending more time with kiddo. The time off has passed far too quickly, and I am already looking forward to the time I am taking off at the end of the year.

As usual, I tried to keep the holiday as stress free as possible. Even more so now that we were also juggling a toddler. In years past I would stress about prepping, cooking, hosting, and all else that comes with having the entire (albeit small) family over for a huge meal. The past few years though, I have worked at making it less and less stressful by ordering ready made (but tasty after a little doctoring by Wendell) mashed potatoes from Fresh Market and cooking anything that I could ahead of time. So the past few years have been fairly low stress, but I was still busy for a couple of days ahead of time making desserts and cranberry sauce and cleaning and whatnot. I would typically be up late the night before finishing things up, and then on Thanksgiving I would be cooking all day and doing last-minute cleaning.

This year I decided we were making a turkey and that was about it aside from some Fresh Market-made additions of mashed potatoes, gravy, and pie; everyone else brought sides and a couple more desserts. Mom also helped with taking stress out of it by helping us clean up, which is harder to do than it sounds when you are trying to keep up with a toddler. I also made the conscious decision to not care that the house wasn’t spotless. In the end, everything turned out great and we had some good eats. Anna loved the feast as well, especially the cranberry sauce. Although she did not seem quite as fond of leftovers, because about the only thing she wanted to eat after that was the leftover sweet potatoes and cranberries. Pretty much anything else we gave her ended up on the floor.

On Black Friday, I had some tasty leftovers for lunch and then went shopping for the third time ever. One of my favorite quilt shops, Wish Upon a Quilt, once again had an awesome “buy one, get one 70% off” sale. If they do that every year, it is definitely going to be my new tradition. And the best part is that they paired up like-priced items, rather than just discounting the cheapest items. I was looking forward to it all month. Last year I bought material for a quilt for my mother (which I finally started working on this past week, and haven’t posted yet), but this year I went shopping without any project in mind aside from one small Christmas present. So I browsed around for a while and ended up buying 6 charm packs, 8 mini charm packs, 2 jelly rolls, 4 chicklets, two simple patterns, templates for a paper pieced star block, and a few other little odds and ends. Score! (translation, each pack has 42 of: charm pack = 5″ squares; mini charm = 2.5″ squares; jelly roll = 2.5″x44″ strips, and the chicklet = four 9″x22″ cuts) I do have a bag pattern that uses one charm pack, so at least one is ear marked for a project. I have no idea what I will do with the rest yet, but I loved the fabrics and wanted them in my stash.

It hasn’t all been fun though. Poor Anna had her first doctor-worthy boo boo, and it was all my fault. Despite better judgment, I turned on the gas logs to knock the chill out of the room. I swear they were on for 3 minutes tops before she ran over and touched the glass in the one second I wasn’t watching. Needless to say, she cried for a long time and we were both very sad. That was Saturday (before T-Day) afternoon, and by evening she had a huge blister stretching across the palm of her hand beneath the fingers and a few smaller blisters on the fingers as well. So, Sunday we went to the doctor. So glad White Oak Pediatrics has weekend hours! We got some prescription antibiotic ointment meant for burns and instructions to bandage her hand with gauze to protect the blister. The estimate for bandaging the blister was a week, but luckily it had gone down completely by Wednesday night and she was bandageless on Thanksgiving day.

Anna did surprisingly well with the whole thing. After the initial pain of the injury, you wouldn’t have known anything was wrong. She was extra good with the doctor, and even held her hand perfectly still for the doctor to bandage it with her fingers straight up. When I had to bandage her hand later she wasn’t always as cooperative, but as long as we had a good distraction for her other hand it went pretty smoothly. There was minimal fussing with the bandage as well. While she did partially unravel it once, I think the only other times I had to replace it were just because it became dirty after a meal. I was pretty shocked we managed to keep her blister intact until it went down on its own, I have never even been able to do that with my own burns!

Now it is the Monday after Thanksgiving. Anna had her 15 month shots scheduled for today, so it was good that we could get a followup on her hand and the ear infection from not-quite three weeks ago. Plus, she had a red spot on her back that had started as a bump a few days ago and was looking suspiciously like ring worm today. Poor kid! The doctor said her burn was healing nicely, her ears were clear, and the spot on her back probably was ring worm. Sigh. That means in less than three weeks this kid has been to the doctor three times, only once being routine and even that had ring worm tacked on to it.

That is about it for the past couple weeks! I will leave you with this old photo of Sean, at around 11 months old, and a blurry one of Anna enjoying Thanksgiving dinner.




Marbles Plague

The first Saturday we went to Tumble Gym, I knew Anna would get sick. And sure enough, she woke up that Tuesday morning with a runny nose and officially had her first cold. She didn’t have a fever or anything though, the only real symptoms she had was the gunk pouring from her little nose and the fact that she was more clingy than usual.

When we went to Marbles Saturday before last, I had a feeling she would get sick again. Sure enough, Tuesday morning she woke up with a stuffy nose and had a 102 fever by the end of the day. Anna was completely miserable, and instead of her usual bubbly nature there were periods where she would cry pitifully for an hour after naps until the Tylenol kicked in. When she still had a bit of a fever Thursday morning, we went to the doctor. Her cold had turned into a mild ear infection, so she started taking Amoxicillin Friday. I would hate to see a severe ear infection, as miserable as she was. Luckily she seems to really like the taste of both the Amoxicillin and Tylenol; she sucks it down and looks like she wants more. By Saturday afternoon she was feeling much better.

To make it worse, she shared her cold with all of us. Wednesday I started feeling sick, and by Friday I was also utterly miserable with a sore throat, low grade fever, headache, stuffy nose, and generally crappy feeling. A week later I am still sniffly, sneezy, and fatigued. Sean didn’t seem to be quite as miserable, but I could tell he felt pretty rough as well. Her grandma didn’t escape either. Needless to say, no Tumble Gym for us last Saturday! Anna is doing much better now! Although her nose is still a bit runny, Anna is up to her usual cheery antics.

Hopefully this means we are now inoculated against future Marbles visits!

Other than being a bunch of miserable sick people, not much else has been going on lately. I haven’t even felt much like sewing, although I did get the last of my Elegance quilt blocks finished. And thanks to being home, I finally had time to call Ottlite during their business hours about my lamp with the power switch stuck in the on position. I was pretty impressed with how easy it was to make a warranty claim, and the fact that I got to talk to a real person right away that even had a direct extension and email address for further communication. They are sending me a new lamp for $10 shipping. All I had to do was cut the cord of the old lamp and send them a picture of it, no hoops to jump through to prove when or where I purchased it. I also learned that it is shockingly easy to cut a power cord with a rotary cutter. So if you are considering Ottlite, their customer service is great! As it should be considering how ridiculous their prices are I guess. Considering I got two of these lamps on clearance (at different times) for only $24 and $12, I am totally happy. I probably won’t be as happy when it is time to buy a $22 replacement lightbulb, but I know I will do it. It has only been one night sewing without my lamp and I already miss it dearly.